Deluxe Burgers

Burgers served with relish and salad

Aberdeen Angus Burger
Round 8oz burger served on a bun with chips salad and a sauce of your choice (with cheese optional)
Cheese & Bacon Burger
Smoked back bacon and Monteray Jack cheese.
29. Mozzarella & Mushroom Burger
Melting Mozzarella and field mushroom.
30. Barbecue Burger
Our special honey and barbecue sauce
31. Blue Cheese & Mushroom Burger
Melting gorgonzola cheese and field mushroom.
32. Garlic Mayo & Jalapeno Burger
Explosive jalapeno chillies and cooling garlic mayo.
Chicken Supreme
Fresh boneless, breaded chicken breast with mayo.
Chicken Melt
Fresh boneless, breaded chicken breast, bacon and cheese with mayo.
Mr Crolla's Chicken Burger
Fresh boneless, breaded chicken breast with a spicy batter, served with bacon and spicy cheese